Getting a tattoo for good! #TheGoodStuff

SOME parents get tattoos of their children’s names, birthdates or faces to show how much they love their offspring, but this father’s tattoo is particularly sweet.


Alistair Campbell, from Taupo, New Zealand, got a cochlear implant tattooed onto his shaved head in support of his hearing-impaired daughter. He had no previous tattoos, said he wanted to do it to show her that he could go through a little bit of pain for her too.

Charlotte, who wears two cochlear implants, laughed when she saw her dad’s new ink and said it was “cool”

The six-year-old was fitted with her first implant two years ago, after doctors discovered she was deaf in her left ear. She has just had the second one put in.

“It has changed her life being given the gift of sound, the implants have already dramatically affected her confidence levels. “She wouldn’t talk to anybody [but now she’s] pretty much a social butterfly.”

He shaved his head to get the artwork done, but said he would let it grow out again — unless Charlotte wanted to see it. “Hey, my hair can grow back,” he said.

Mrs Campbell posted a photo of Alistair with his tattoo and Charlotte with her implant on Facebook, and it quickly went viral.

“The reactions have been overwhelming, mostly positive. Some negative comments have surfaced, they don’t bother me, we’re doing what is best for our daughter and our family,”


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