The top trending good news stories for this week! #TheGoodStuff #HIGH5

I’m all about the good stuff, and every week I get to search the internet to bring you the #HIGH5 top trending good news stories for the week… check them all out below (they have links to the actual stories) or catch up with #TheGoodStuff… my show on CliffCentral where I bring you all of these plus some pretty inspirational interviews too.


  1. #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou is a new trending hashtag showing the awesome side of Africa to the world. The media love showing kids who are starving or corruption & crime but the continent have taken it upon themselves to showcase who we really are on social media.
  2. One of the wealthiest people on earth just announced he’s giving all his money to charity.
  3. Labels are for cans not for people. Coca-Cola in the Middle East removes all its labels & asks Muslims to fight prejudice on Ramadan.
  4. 62 year old Grandfather jumps in path of a speeding freight train to save toddler in stroller in Sydney
  5. Photo of a little boy studying in the Philippines streets goes viral & inspires us all to be thankful for what we have & work harder for what we want

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