The truth about drink spiking

A couple of weeks ago I was at the receiving end of a drink that was spiked… not too sure if they wanted my body, my money or my kidney but I am glad that I had a support system around me that noticed almost immediately & got me to hospital.… scariest thing I’ve been through.


At parties, nightclubs and bars, mind-altering drugs are being slipped into drinks and served to unsuspecting victims all the time. Although alcoholic beverages are most likely to be spiked, limiting yourself to soda or other non-alcoholic beverages won’t necessarily protect you. Some of these drugs are tasteless and colourless and can be blended easily into any liquid. The most commonly used drugs cause inhibition, sedation and memory loss, making them the perfect tools to facilitate a crime.

What would motivate someone to spike another person’s drink, putting that person at risk of a potentially fatal reaction or overdose? There are a lot of possible motives, ranging from serious crimes like rape and robbery to practical jokes or pranks. A stranger might add sedatives to your drink in order to render you unconscious and assault you. On other hand, a friend might spike your drink with a hallucinogenic substance in order to help you “loosen up” and “have a good time.”

By the time you become aware that your drink has been altered, you may already be feeling the effects of the drug. Because there’s no way to be certain whether your drink or a friend’s drink has been spiked, it’s important to educate yourself and practice caution in all situations.

Rohypnol, GHB and ketamine are apparently the most common but aren’t the only drugs used in spiking. Ecstasy, or MDMA, is a hallucinogenic sedative that is often blended into beverages at clubs, bars & parties. Legal benzodiazepines like Xanax or Klonopin have also been used to spike drinks and facilitate crimes. Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and PCP may be slipped into alcoholic drinks or sodas.

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American company DrinkSavvy has been making efforts to produce “cups, glasses, and straws/stirrers that look and function normally, except they will change colour within seconds to warn you when someone slips a date rape drug into your drink.”

The initiative started a couple of years ago but is only expected to come into fruition later this year.

Recently the scheme received a huge boost with a Facebook campaign launched by a Boston DJ which asked for bars and clubs to use the glasses.

Currently the campaign has had more than 1.1 million people ‘like’ the idea and more than 11,000 users feel strongly enough about it to write a message.

Another project is from students in the Materials Science & Engineering department at North Carolina State University have come together to invent a nail polish that will change color when it comes in contact with certain drugs.

The team — Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Stephen Gray, Ankesh Madan, and Tasso Von Windheim — described their product on their Facebook page, saying that a woman will have to stick her finger in her drink and stir:

I asked friends whether they thought having glassware, straws or nail-polish that changed colour if a drink was spike & my friends said: “I think it’s a great idea but worry that the cost for clubs to replace their glasses will make it a non-starter based on the number that get smashed every night.

“Also it’s a concern that as soon as the glasses detect one type of drug, another will be on the market and we’ll be back to square one.”

Hopefully I’ve shared some insight to assist if you do get spiked but the biggest advise I can give is to be responsible, watch your drinks, watch your friends & don’t drink & drive!


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