The Alphabet of kindness #TheGoodStuff


An alphabet of inspiration to help you with your random acts of kindness…

A- Adopt an animal

B- Be a big brother or big sister to an at-risk child or teen

C- Create carepacks to the homeless (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, snacks, etc)

D- Donate money, blood, or used books to a local school or library

E- Encourage someone

F- Fast food lane – pay for the person’s order behind you

G- Graffiti clean up

H- Help someone whose car has broken down

I- Introduce yourself to someone new

J- Join a good cause

K- Keep it kind with someone you don’t like

L- Listen to a friend who needs someone to talk to

M- Make a new friend

N- Nursing home performance

O- Offer to baby-sit for free

P- Prepare or pick up a meal for a new mom, someone who is grieving, or someone who is sick

Q- Quality time with a loved one can go a long way

R- Read to children for free at a local school or read to the elderly

S- Send flowers or a care package to someone to show them how much you care

T- Thank someone such as police or fire department with a note, cookies, etc.

U- Use less plastic

V- Visit housebound family members or an animal shelter

W- Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life

X- eXpress your gratitude to your parents

Y- Yard Sale and donate all the proceeds to a local charity

Z- Zealously love your family and friends


Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments section…

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