CliffCentral goes back to unradio.

Being part of news makes you realise how bad news stories actually are… and how little journalists know about what going on around them.


We had a staff get-together-tequila-karioke evening last night at the studios & chatted about where CliffCentral is going… hold on to your hats, cause its going to be huge!

Gareth touched on the Comedy Central story which had started growing traction through-out yesterday.

For those of you living under a rock, CliffCentral was being simulcast on Comedy Central in the mornings for the past 2 months. The CliffCentral team decided that the TV spot had done its duty & it was time to focus on the actual unradio show… all of them, not just the bit that was viewed in the morning.

“We decided as a sweetener to the audience, we’d give people an eye into the studio, to add a TV element, just as an introduction because a lot of people are suspicious of online radio. We needed to show people it’s the real deal, a legitimate thing.”

Cliff maintains TV is not the focus of CliffCentral.

“We are intent on launching online, which is the future for any kind of content. We know that’s the case in movies, TV and music. It’s only a matter of time before that happens to radio too. It was never going to be forever. We chose Comedy Central, we approached them & we decided when it was time to end it too”.

Some organisations reported yesterday that Comedy Central gave CliffCentral the boot…  today, the headlines are the other way round. So, the question is, how do you change yesterdays headline? Here’s a bunch who may have gotten it slightly wrong. #Winning

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The Comedy Central show might be over but CliffCentral is available 24 hours a day… and available on podcasts too… should you miss a second of the awesome shows.

Log on to or download WeChat & listen to the shows wherever you are.

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