Goodbye Malaria. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

A little over 3 years ago my life was turned upside down after my father got back from his December holiday in Mozambique.

He had picked up what he thought was a little cold which in the space of 3 days landed him in hospital. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Malaria & passed away 24 hours later.

Malaria… are you joking?

My perception was that Malaria only affected those poor countries where people couldn’t afford Tabard. My perception like so many, was completely wrong.

My perception & my life were turned completely upside down.

A little over 3 years later & a package was left on my desk at the office. Inside the package was a pair of pyjama pants.

Goodbye Malaria Pyjama pants… I’m not joking!

Basically the concept they have, is to sell pyjama pants to fight Malaria and 50% of all the proceeds support the global fund with Malaria elimination on the african continent.

Plus the pyjama pants are ridiculously comfy & look good too.

Brent Lindeque

Goodbye Malaria is an initiative by African entrepreneurs who will no longer put up with Malaria. We enable Africans to raise funds and advocate against malaria, whilst creating employment across the continent.

Goodbye Malaria is focused on working with big businesses as a corporate gifting option for corporate events and marketing, with the aim of eradicating malaria in our lifetime.

The aim of Goodbye Malaria is to ramp up advocacy and fundraising, gearing up for a World Malaria Day – 25 April.
A PR drive will involve corporates, brand ambassadors, political personalities and celebrities to advocate for purchasing Goodbye Malaria pyjamas or donating to the Goodbye Malaria initiative and wearing their own pajamas every 25th of April, all in support of saving lives in our sleep.

All money raised will go towards eliminating malaria in our lifetime. The goodbye Malaria product range is made up of pyjama pants, teddy bears, and bracelets.

For more info, you can contact them here… | | Twitter: @GoodbyeMalariaZ | @SONHOSSC | Facebook: |


  1. Hi Brent.
    Sorry to hear about your loss with your dad, it is a terrible disease and I hate it with everything in me!
    I went through the exact same thing with my partner last year. He was also diagnosed with malaria, he had three of the four types, including cerebral. He was in a coma for two weeks and in hospital for a month – and amazingly survived. It attacked his brain, liver, kidney’s lungs etc. but today 7 months later he is healthy and has healed completely. We are extremely lucky and blessed that he made it.
    I just wanted to tell you a little bit about our story and thank you for sharing this message and getting the word out there. They really do amazing work and it is working!
    Again sorry to hear about your dad, I’ll pray for you and your family and hopefully we can beat this thing soon!


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