Our president & his penis…

I’ve recently taken a double look at the current affairs with our president & his penis and I’m actually disgusted that we, as a nation have allowed it to get so out of our hands & his pants.


Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the painting, or the artist, or the fact that JZ has gone all Jessica Dos Santos versus Tshidi-whats-her-name on Brett Murray.

It is what it is… a caricature of our president in all his glory & in all honesty it depicts his actions & the type of guy he is portrayed to be perfectly. It shows his power (in his own right), his confidence & his face… looking to the right… depicting the complete reversal of his conduct & opinion (cough-cough).

Presidne tJacob Zuma

The main focus of the painting & controversy around it is his exposed un-private parts (we all know he has one which he uses quite frequently). The truth is, JZ has a scattered past, filled with rape accusations, people bringing him machine guns, shower heads & wives… plenty of them in fact.

That brings me to why I’m disgusted… the picture might have made me concentrate on his little bongo-stick but more so on the fact that his old-boy was being shared by some 4 wives… that we know of. As gross as the thought was, it doesn’t really matter. The focus for me, was on the cost of having 4 wives & how our machine-gun wielding, dancing president was paying for this.

Those 4 wives & 20 children (that we know of) cost him (the nation) almost R20 million a year (that we know of). I won’t add in the ridiculous parties, events, flights or holidays… this is just an average “living” cost.

To put it into perspective, the average earning person gives the state R3400 a month… which is around R40800 a year… in other words, it takes almost 500 hard working, economy building, tax payers to keep the Zuma family to the lifestyles they’ve become accustomed to.

I’m a little disturbed that with all the poverty, poor education & children going cold this winter… we, as a nation have let a painting become headline news when the man depicted in the painting uses our tax money to feed his fat belly & has allowed his power to be corrupted.

The sad truth is that whatever good he’s done along the way won’t count, the legacy that Jacob Zuma leaves behind will most probably be a silly caricature or few…


President Jacob Zuma


  1. What da f**! I dont have words because my mouth is full of vommit! Just one more way he made S.A a international joke!


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